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Professional Curtain Cleaning Service In Northcote

Regular cleaning of the curtains can keep your home environment safe and healthy. Light-coloured draperies tend to get dirtier and stained so it is important to take proper care of them. Cleaned and shining curtains also enhance the look of your place. So experts suggest getting your curtains frequently cleaned by our curtains and blinds cleaning professionals in Northcote.

We provide professional curtains and blinds cleaning services at the most affordable prices. We have an expert team to clean your curtains perfectly giving them a brand new and fresh look. With our cleaning, your curtains will be free from bacteria and germs which will help you prevent many health issues such as sneezing, coughing, asthma, etc. You will experience the best and effective curtain cleaning service when you hire us. So try our services today!!

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Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Northcote

Book Our Finest And Affordable Curtain Cleaning Services

  1. Curtain steam cleaning
  2. Curtain dry cleaning
  3. Off-Site curtain cleaning and rehang
  4. Curtain stain removal
  5. Onsite curtain cleaning
  6. Eyelet curtains cleaning
  7. Mould removal from curtains
  8. Blockout curtain cleaning
  9. Curtain sanitization
  10. Drapes cleaning
  11. Blinds cleaning

Free Pick Up And Rehang Curtain Service

We offer free pick and rehang curtain services in all the locations of Northcote. Our team is well known for providing quick and excellent service. When you book our offsite curtain cleaning service, our professionals will come to your place to pick up your curtains, and later after cleaning them we will deliver it to your place and even rehang them. We do not charge anything extra for picking up and rehanging the curtains. So enjoy our exceptional offsite curtain cleaning service.

Same Day Curtains And Blinds  Cleaning In Northcote

To extend the life of your curtains, book the best cleaning services offered by our cleaners. We offer a wide range of curtain cleaning services. Our team is also available for same-day curtain cleaning service. We clean the curtains using safe and effective solutions. Our professionals will reach out to your place on the very same day of booking to provide you with the best service. We work according to the availability of our clients and this is the reason why we provide same day and emergency curtain cleaning services.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Northcote

Curtains are used every day due to which it becomes the home of dirt, stains, and allergens and to deeply clean it, steam cleaning is proved as one of the best cleaning methods. We are well equipped with proper machines and skilful team to perform the curtain steam cleaning job in Northcote. Moreover, we use the eco-friendly solution in our steam cleaning procedure which is very safe for humans and pets. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to book our finest curtain steam cleaning service.

Drapery And Blinds Cleaning Service In Northcote

We provide both curtains and blinds cleaning service in Northcote. We have a separate team to handle the blind cleaning work. Our professionals clean the blinds in both residential areas. We clean almost all types of blinds including Roman blinds, vertical blinds, and so on. Our team will clean the blinds and make them good looking and shining as usual. You will find our blinds cleaning service very reasonable as well. So do not think twice and consider hiring us for all your curtains and blinds cleaning needs.

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    Our Onsite Curtain Cleaning Procedure In Northcote

    We have an expert team that follows an outstanding and safe onsite curtain cleaning procedure. Our cleaning process is as follows:

    1. Inspection: In the initial step, our team will thoroughly inspect to decide which cleaning method is suitable.
    2. Stain Pre-treatment: We do a pre-treatment of stains residing in your curtains. We use eco-friendly solutions for better results.
    3. Curtain Cleaning: After treating the stains, we clean the curtains using the steam cleaning method or dry cleaning method.
    4. Deodorizing: Later, we will thoroughly deodorize the curtain to eliminate all the awful smell.
    5. Drying: Once we are done with cleaning the curtain, we will dry it using the latest dryer machine so that you can put it to use quickly.
    6. Post-inspection: This is done to final check the curtain whether they are cleaned properly and later our team will hang them safely and perfectly.

    Our Offsite Curtain Cleaning Procedure In Northcote

    1. Firstly our team will take the measurements to identify the shrinkage. Later, we will inform you in advance about all the damages and stains present on the curtain to make it clear.
    2. Next, we will note down the tie backs of your curtains
    3. We will have a conversation with you about the special requirements of yours to clean the curtains
    4. Afterwards, we will discuss the cost and make the deal final.
    5. Our team will pick up the curtains to clean them and deliver them back in the estimated time.
    6. We will rehang it at free of cost.


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    Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Service Northcote

    Why Hire Us For Curtains And Blinds Cleaning Service in Northcote?

    We offer an affordable and quality curtain and blinds cleaning service in Northcote. We have years of experience in this industry and have maintained a good reputation. Besides these, we can give you many reasons to hire us for your curtain cleaning requirement such as:

    1. We use eco-friendly solutions to clean the curtains.
    2. Our team has proper knowledge about the various fabrics and is well experienced.
    3. Free rehang and pick up service.
    4. No hidden cost.
    5. We provide same-day curtain cleaning service.
    6. We ensure that there is no shrinkage and colour fade.
    7. Our company is a fully insured curtain cleaning company.

    So, if you are in search of a reliable and professional curtain cleaning company then hire us. Call us on 0342406925, to know more about our services and prices.


    Curtains And Blinds Cleaning Northcote
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